Why would I hire a hot tub?

Most people would consider hiring a hot tub for the social aspects. Having a BBQ on a summers evening, with your music playing in the garden, and spending the later part chatting the night away whilst soaking up the bubbles.


But there have been so many studies which suggest that hot tubs are best used for improving your health and well-being. In twenty-first century life, our days are filled with so many tensions and worries, and these little stresses can mount up, making us feel either exhausted, or so frantic that we end up not sleeping. Most of us don’t manage to find time in our day to relax, unwind, clear our minds and chill out, before restarting our bodies for the next wave of stress tomorrow.

Hot tubs are a great way to give you just that. The warm bubbly water relaxes your body, the soothing jets massage your muscles, and the fresh air clears your head from all the worries of the day. Whether socialising with friends, or a quick dip with a family member, going into a hot tub takes you out of every day life, and allows you to reflect, as well as chat about things you normally wouldn’t, leaving the over flowing laundry basket and dirty dishes firmly indoors!

The warm water has also been proven to help you sleep too. The heat is said to expand blood vessels and improve circulation in your body, which reduces any muscular aches and pains. When immersed in the warm water, your body relaxes, and as you get out, your body temperature drops, which tells your body that it’s time to get some rest.

So when you are considering hiring a hot tub, think about these factors too! With all our offers you get the tub for a couple of days, so can really see the benefits. And make the most of our weekly offer on at the moment, of ! If you look at it this way, its much cheaper than sending the whole family for the spa for three days!!

Happy Hot Tubbing! x

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