Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some of our customer’s most common questions about hiring a hot tub from us. If you have a different query, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form!

What can / can’t we wear in the tub?

  • Do not wear any make up, perfumed creams or body paint in the hot tub. This will dirty the water and make it unusable for several days.
  • Any jewellery – especially silver – may¬†tarnish in the water, so remove all items before getting in the pool.
  • Make sure everyone getting into the pool is clean, especially your feet where you have walked from the house. Any dirt may discolour the water and mess up the filters.
  • ONLY swimwear items should be warn in the hot tub.

How do we deal with the chemicals?

  • When we arrive, we will add the correct chlorine amount to your hot tub, and check the level is as it should be.
  • The chlorine level needs to be checked daily using a PH kit which is supplied to you. Ideally you would check the levels before entering the pool.
  • You may need to add additional chlorine into the pool – we will supply this to you and give you instructions on what to do.
  • All chlorine products and PH tester kits should be kept away from children and pets. The chlorine does come with a child safetly lock just in case!

How do we make a booking?

  • You can email us, or send a message on our facebook page to enquire about booking.
  • Once the booking dates are confirmed, and the costs agreed, then we need to take a ¬£50 deposit by BACS.
  • The price for tub hire is collected in cash when we arrive to set up your hot tub.
  • Your deposit is then reimbursed once the equipment is checked over, and put back into your bank account.

When do you come and set it up?

  • Once booked, we will arrange a time to come and set up your hot tub the night before your first day.
  • We will set it up for you, erect the gazebo if it has been ordered, and put up the fairy lights.
  • The hot tub will be filled with water, from either an outside tap, or from a tap indoors (we have a connector).
  • We will also add all the chlorine to the water, and leave you with a pack detailing how to check the PH levels, and how to add more chemicals if needed.
  • Your hot tub will then need to be plugged in over night, and left to heat up to the correct temperature.
  • From the next morning, the tub should be ready to be enjoyed!

When do you collect the tub?

  • We will arrange a time with you to come and collect the hot tub, the day after your hire period has finished.
  • We will take away any remaining chlorine, dismantle the tub, and also take down the gazebo (if included).
  • You will then get your deposit back if everything is still in working order.

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