Hire Terms and Conditions


a. A DEPOSIT of £50 is required to secure your booking via online payment. The remaining payment is due on the day of delivery either via our website or cash to your delivery driver.
b. Deposits are only refundable if you cancel your booking 7 days before your first hire day.

On placement of your order, an agreement between Swindon Hot Tub Hire and customer regarding delivery and collection will be made. The Hot Tub must be made available to be delivered and collected at the agreed time to avoid encroaching on other bookings. Failure to comply to agreed terms could result in loss of the deposit and rental.

a. We ask for your assistance when delivering and collecting at your location. You must
supply us with clear instructions, and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our
staff. The Hot Tub must be in a safe location – Swindon Hot Tub Hire staff will assess on arrival as it could
result in termination of the booking if deemed a risk of being damaged or stolen.
b. There must be an electricity supply in close proximity of where the Hot Tub will be situated.
We require the area to be a flat level base to sit the Hot Tub on, this can be slabs, concrete
or grass but it must be level and free from anything that can damage the Tub – also the Hot
Tub needs to be in the vicinity of a drain so at the end of the rental the water can easily be
drained away.
c. You the customer then becomes responsible for the Hot Tub – these rules are in place to
avoid damage to the equipment and injury to people using the Hot Tub.
d. If any part of the hire package is faulty simply call 07522456700 and a replacement will be arranged for you at no extra charge to yourself.
(i) Please do not smoke or use Barbeques in or around the Hot Tub.
(ii) Please act responsibly in and around the Hot Tub to avoid any serious incidents
(iii) Climbing, jumping or sitting on the walls of the Hot Tub can result in damage to the
inflatable walls – if any suspicion this has occurred then it will result in loss of deposit.
(iv) Please do not overcrowd the Hot Tub and limit the number according to the age/size of
the people using the equipment.
(v) No pets in or around the Hot Tub – If any evidence this has occurred will result in an additional charge to pay towards a deep clean of the Hot Tub and filtration system.
(vi) People wearing face paint or fake tan cannot access the Hot Tub as this can result in
water contamination and damage to the filter.
(vii) A chlorine dispenser is provided and must be placed in the water preferably at night
when not in use.
(viii) It is your responsibility that the quality of the water remains clean and fit for use at all
times. Swindon Hot Tub Hire cannot be held responsible if any person suffers any type of reaction to
bathing in the Hot Tub.
(ix) The Hot Tub MUST NOT be moved and must remain in the same area it was
assembled as moving can cause damage to the Hot Tub.
(x) Please do not attempt to dismantle the Hot Tub (apart from removing drainage cap to
empty water) as this can result in damage. Only trained Swindon Hot Tub Hire staff are to carry out this
(xi) Do not add any chemicals/Bubbles/Foam/Shampoo to the Hot Tub as this can damage
the filtration system. If any suspicion this has occurred it will result in the forfeit of the
(xii) Please dress appropriately to enter the Hot Tub and remove all jewellery and sharp
objects as this could cause harm to others and damage to the Spa.

If for any reason you have to cancel the Hot Tub please inform us straight away. Unfortunately, this
will result in the loss of your £50 deposit fee if this is within 7 days prior to your booking but speak with us as we may be able to arrange another date for you which your deposit will cover.
a. Acts of God, adverse weather conditions can put a halt to any good party and if this is the case then let us know 48 hours before your booking and we can arrange your hire for another date.
b. If you cancel once we have delivered the equipment you may be liable for the full fee depending on the circumstances, always speak with a member of staff to discuss options with us.

a. If you feel the equipment is faulty and request a refund, products will be tested at our base
before a refund is agreed.
b. There is NO refund where the customer has failed to correctly use the equipment, kept the
hot tub & filter clean and failed to tell us immediately when an issue arises.

a. The customer acknowledges that the use of the hot tub is at their own risk. Swindon Hot Tub Hire will not be
held liable for accidents, injuries or deaths.
b. Swindon Hot Tub Hire will not be liable for accidents, injuries, or deaths caused by misuse of our equipment –
this includes falling over on wet surfaces or falling in and out of the Hot Tub, use of drink,
drugs etc.
c. Pregnant ladies must not use the Hot Tub without seeking advice from your doctor first.
Anyone with health concerns or on medication must consult their doctor before using the
Hot Tub.
d. Children under the age of 6 months are strictly prohibited from using the Hot Tub – If any
children enter the Hot Tub it’s at the responsibility of the Parent or carer and against the
recommendation of Swindon Hot Tub Hire. All children should be supervised by an adult and the water
temperature should be monitored by an adult for younger children.

a. You must make sure that everyone using the Hot Tub is properly instructed on how to use
the equipment safely and correctly.
b. Make sure to test the water first before entering to make sure it’s not too hot – if the water is
37oC or above you should not spend more than 15 minutes at a time in the Hot Tub.

You the customer must make sure the Hot Tub isn’t misused, please adhere to the following;
(i) Please do not enter the Hot Tub fully dressed or with shoes on – please dress
(ii) Only use Plastic glasses in the Hot Tub – no sharp objects to be anywhere near the
(iii) Do not dive or jump into the Hot Tub.
(iv) Do not sit and the walls or pump/heater as this can cause damage to the Hot Tub.
(v) You must be responsible for people that use the Hot Tub. You must make sure they’re
not under the influence of drugs, alcohol and they are fit and able enough to be in the
Spa under your supervision.
(vi) You must make sure the Hot Tub isn’t over crowded – no more than six people are in
the Hot Tub at one time.
(vii) You must ensure that when in use the inflatable cover is stored in a safe place to avoid
punctures – When not in use you must place the cover back on to retain the heat.
(viii) Always leave the Hot Tub plugged in and switched on when not in use in order for the
filtration and heating system to work.
(ix) You must make sure people shower before using the Hot tub to avoid contaminating the
water. A towel is also advised to be on the floor for people entering the Hot Tub so dirt
isn’t transferred into the water.

a. Your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. Our Hot Tubs are thoroughly
cleaned before your rental period. We use detergent and bacterial killer specifically made
for Hot Tubs.
b. To ensure the water in the Hot Tub is always clean and ready for use during your rental
period you must ensure everyone showers to remove any traces of dirt, gel, styling wax,
creams, moisturizers etc. The only way the water can get dirty is If you put it there.
c. Do not add additional chemicals to the water. Bubble bath, foam, washing up liquid etc are
strictly forbidden as this can damage the Hot Tub.
d. Do not use the Hot Tub if the water is not clean, smelling fresh and up to standards
e. Anyone using fake tan or has face/body paint must not enter the Hot Tub.
f. If on inspection the Hot Tub is left unsatisfactory and there is evidence these guidelines
haven’t been followed then it will result in additional cleaning or replacement equipment costs.

a. Swindon Hot Tub Hire will not be held responsible for any damage to your property through hiring any of our
tubs. This Includes –
(i) Any water damage or weight damage to structure, fixture, fittings, gardens or grass area
as a result of the Hot Tub location.
(ii) Any damage to the interior of your house if you decide to have it placed within your
home which wouldn’t be advised.
b. It is your responsibility to make sure the area you have asked the Hot Tub to be placed will
not cause any damage.

a. If the Hot Tub breaks down or stops working, please inform us and we will try to determine
the problem as soon as possible. We will not be held responsible for any damaged caused
to your property or persons.
b. All the times and dates we quote for delivery/collection are approximate, we will not be
liable for any delays by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

a. You the customer are responsible for looking after the equipment for the duration of the
rental agreement and returning it to us in the same condition you received it in.
b. If in the event the Hot Tub equipment is lost, stolen or damaged beyond any economical
repair, you must pay Swindon Hot Tub Hire the cost to replace the equipment. If for any reason you are not
willing to pay towards the equipment, then Police and legal advice will be pursued.

On reading these Terms and conditions you agree to Swindon Hot Tub Hire staff entering any land or premises to
remove Swindon Hot Tub Hire equipment.

a. To listen to all instructions during set up. Our tubs are simple to use, failure to follow the
instructions my result in a less enjoyable hire for which we are not responsible. If you need
help during your hire, please contact us immediately.
b. Once the hot tub is left in your care. The main customer is responsible for its condition,
cleanliness and usage.
c. The hirer is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all users.
d. Where the customer has not adequately insured the hot tub, any accidental damage/theft of
the equipment shall be replaced within 48 hours of collection up to the full replacement rate
(i) Paris hot tub £699 – £899
(ii) Gazebo £180
(iii) Lights £40
(iv) Paris remote £25



a. If any terms in this contract cannot be enforced or agreed to, then the hire of Swindon Hot Tub Hire equipment
will not be supplied.

b. By hiring our Hot Tub’s, you the customer agree to release Swindon Hot Tub Hire and any of its employees
from any and all liabilities incurred during the hire or use of the Hot Tub equipment.
c. On hiring the Hot Tub, you agree to accept our terms and conditions and acknowledge that
the use of the Hot Tub is at you the customers, own risk.