Hot Tub Hens

Trying to organise a Hen Party is so complicated! Why not keep it simple?

Most Hen parties end up being crazy weekends away in Hawaii, drunken nights out and hotels in the big City, and so many activities there isn’t time to breathe between the cocktail making, singing lessons and Burlesque dancing! You come away feeling nakard, hung over and absolutely skint!

How about something different this time? Hire a cottage in the local area, or borrow someone’s house who has a garden. Book a hot tub hire from us, order the champagne in, and kick back with your feet up! With the summer on the horizon, what better time to enjoy the fresh air, and socialise with friends?

Atleast with a hot tub, you can chat, and make conversation. You can put the world to rights. You can enjoy your evening without having to spend a fortune.  You can rest you body, and soak up the bubbles. You will come away feeling refreshed, relaxed and rested, having had lovely catch ups and a chilled out evening.

You could get in some face masks too, and make it into a home-made pamper evening! You could get some dressing gowns for all the girls and paint your nails together. You could choose an all time favourite chick flick and watch it in the comfort of your home, with nibbles and snacks. Then sneak back out for a midnight dip….

What do you reckon? Sound tempting?  Hot Tub Hens are the way forward.. we think 🙂

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